Tuesday, November 8, 2016



I wanted to share with you something I accidentally came across while playing around with FME.
After finding this I was astonished that no special (spatial?) reference to this addition was made other than the standard documentation.

Doing a bit of snooping around I've found this addition was already added to the 2016.1.0.0 (build 16492) FME Desktop version.

Well what's it all about? well lets say that I consider it to be as much as a game changer as the introduction of THE game changer of  FME 2016, the FeatureWriter.

It might not be as all encompassing as the FeatureWriter itself, but it does make it a lot easier for many people that work with OGC services on a daily basis.


Several OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) services formats have been supported for some time now in FME Desktop.

The Web Map Service (WMS) is great as a background map in your Data Inspector, but other than that there is not much use for it.

Now the WFS (Web Feature Service) that's more like it! Data that we can play around with in FME to transform, combine and write to our favorite formats.

The WFS comes in different versions and each version allows for a different interaction with the service.

The services are usually restricted to allow a certain maximum number of features to return per request. That is done so that the system serving the data should not be overrun by requesting all the features in one go.

The 2.0.0 version allows for ResponsePaging which is the mechanism that allows users to request all the data but in a orderly manner.


In the past I have shown how it is possible to use this mechanism in FME, but now its made even easier!

Now is response paging incorporated into the WFS reader, so that once you select the 2.0.0 services version, new settings specific for response paging are available.

The Start Index and Count parameters enable you to control the response paging, sit back and relax as FME manages the data requests for you.

First of all excellent addition! but what blows my mind is that NO MENTION of this was reported or communicated!!
I really think you guys at FME headquarters need to take some more credit.

I know for sure that you just made my life and lots of others easier so that we can do this...

while FME is doing the heavy lifting.

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