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BGT via FMECloud

FME Cloud

What is FME Cloud? Simply put : FME Cloud FME Server in the Cloud. FME Cloud is the first location-aware iPaaS ( Integration Platform as a Service) and that means you have all the FME Server functionality at your disposal, without the hardware . 
See the following link for more information on FME Cloud.
One of the many advantages of FME Cloud is the ability to activate processes via an external trigger (e.i. event driven ) . Examples of such an external trigger can be an e-mail or a sensor value change


The creation of the BGT ( or The Registration Large Scale Topography as Goggle translate calls it ) is in full swing , many of the stake holders are feverishly working on the assembly of this nation scale polygon map. The first stage is expected to be completed on January 2016. Stake holders deliver their part of the BGT to the national facility (LV) and it is from there made ​​available in CityGML format via PDOK (Dutch national SDI). For an overview of the already available BGT in the LV see: BGTWeb 
The CityGML format cannot be directly used in GIS applications or loaded into a database,  a format conversion (something FME is great at ) must first take place.

Event driven BGT2FGDB conversion.

FME is the tool for spatial data conversion and FME Cloud is the cloud tool for spatial data conversion :)

The trigger

The format conversion is carried out with FME Cloud and is started via a trigger, in this case the trigger is an e-mail . There are some conditions that the trigger has to meet in order to start the process, for example a selected map tile link should be provided.

The conversion

During the format conversion a number of format -specific adjustments are done. Examples of these changes include: removing specific format invalid characters , conversion to uppercase , null values ​​mapping, date conversions, new geometry is created (think of house numbering and street names labels)

The result.

The result is a uniform and complete BGT data set in FileGeodatabase ( FGDB ) format. The FGDB is a widely used and efficient GIS format . This format can be used in both closed- and open-source GIS applications. After performing the format conversion , the result is made ​​available via an e-mail with a download  link.

Advantages and properties of the conversion are : 

  • Easy to use. 
  • No application is required. 
  • Online and always available. 
  • Reliably and quickly. 
  • Outcome ready for database read-in action and GIS applications. 
  • Unique : There is no comparable data distribution method ( in the Netherlands)

Results displayed in QGIS

This product is designed for the Dutch market if you are interested and want to set up something similar please contact us via

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