Sunday, June 7, 2015

Transformation made easy: the FME Cloud way.

FME Cloud provides the possibilities to have data transformed and served without any detailed knowledge of the data schema or even an application.

In my previous post, based on my FMEWT 2015 presentation, I have demonstrated how easy it is to send FME an email and let FME do the heavy lifting of getting the data, transforming it and making it available.
In that scenario the user only had to select the data and send the url.
In the next scenario the user already has some data which he needs translated. So here the email is sent with an attachment.

FME Server's email capabilities are described by a series of tutorials on the FME Knowledge Center (latest name for the old FMEPedia)
In the tutorials all the information necessary for making the most out of the incoming email is addressed.

The AERIUS project  was also presented on the FMEWT, since FME is everywhere....

The AERIUS calculator is one of the components of the national PAS project which results in a GML file.
Reading GML should not be an issue for a seasoned FME user and with the help of the Knowledge Center a beginner shouldn't have much of a problem figuring out how to point to the schema document and let FME do the work.

But what if you don't have FME or you are only interested in usable results?

Well the answer to that is: FME Cloud !

To demonstrate this I have used FME's powers to build a simple and easy to use AERIUS2FGDB translation.
The translation is event triggered which means you need to start it.

How? well that's easy:

  1. send an email to:
  2. Email topic: AERIUS2FGDB_b28ba3b0-0da6-11e5-a040-028deac61efd
  3. Email attachment : AERIUS GML

The AERIUS GML gets translated to filegeodatabase (FGDB) and is made available via an email with a download link.

Are just interested in testing the methodology behind the product? I have already a AERIUS GML available for you to send as an attachment.

Interested in applying this for your organisation and your specific needs? dont esitate to contact me via

Free testing this product will be available from 8/6/2015 until 10/6/2015 between 9:00 AM and 16:00 PM (CET)

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