Saturday, May 13, 2017

New annotation option in FME 2017

Annotations in FME

Annotations are an easy way to include description in a workspace.
There are 3 types of annotations in FME:
  1. Header annotations that are only generated when a workspace is generated.
  2. Summary annotations that are dynamic and reflect the changes in a workspace component (transformer, feature type, etc)
  3. Custom annotations are generally known as user annotations.

The image below shows all 3 annotation types.
The header annotations are above the reader and writer feature types and connection, the summary annotations is blue and describes the reader feature type, while the user annotation is by default yellow and empty of content.

The Magic of FME 2017

The #FMEWT is about to finish for 2017 and I had the luck to present in it, if you are interested in my presentation here is a link
During the preparation of the presentation I came across an unknown (for me) new functionality in the Workbench application.
This new functionality is the ability to transform ;) a summery annotation into a user annotation.
Just right click on the summary annotation and select 'Convert to Attached Annotation'

If you are a Copy& Paste kinda of a person, as I am, then this is mana from heaven.....
Now I can create a summary annotation and edit it, something that can save a lot of time.

So next to the Parameter Editor this is another excellent addition that can boost your FME development productivity.

Have Fun!